Department of Physics & Astronomy

Computational Astrophysics Lab
Clemson University, SC
Jonathan Zrake
Assistant Professor of Physics
My group at Clemson works on topics in high energy and multi-messenger astrophysics, using high-performance, state-of-the-art computing. My interests include binary neutron star mergers, gamma-ray bursts, pulsar wind nebulae, AGN jets, binary black hole accretion, turbulence, and magnetic reconnection.
Selected Publications
J. Zrake, C. Lundman, A. Beloborodov
ApJ, 2019
J. Zrake, X. Xie, A. MacFadyen
ApJL, 2018
W. East, J. Zrake, Y. Yuan, R. Blandford
PhRvL, 2015
2020 –
Assistant Professor
Clemson University
Accretion onto binary black hole systems, orbital evolution of supermassive black hole binaries.
2017 – 2020
Research Scientist
Columbia University
MHD turbulence in magnetar magnetospheres, photospheric models of gamma-ray burst prompt emission, modeling of GRB-170817A. Supervisor: Andrei Beloborodov.
2013 – 2017
Kavli Fellow
Stanford University
Crab Nebula gamma-ray flares, magnetic energy dissipation in pulsar wind nebulae, particle acceleration by the helical kink instability in AGN jets. Supervisors: Roger Blandford, Tom Abel.
2007 – 2013
Graduate Student
New York University
Thesis: A numerical investigation of relativistic turbulence. Advisor: Dr. Andrew MacFadyen.